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Empiral Associates is one of the leading financial services advisory in Singapore powered by people embracing ambition and performance excellence. Through years of industry experience and sophisticated understanding of the insurance operations, we collaborate with various partners and clients and go the extra mile to earn your trust.

We use a wide range of financial products and solutions to protect, accumulate and grow your wealth. Ultimately, we want to help drive financial stability and security while bringing you closer to your financial goals.

We strive to be the market leader in the industry with a united team that is always looking towards the future.

Our financial services are reinforced by a relentless commitment of acquiring the optimum solution to match the unique needs of our clients with outstanding personal service.


With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Leonard Soh is a seasoned leader who knows the financial services industry like the back of his hand. Prior to joining this industry, he was an engineer who yearns to explore beyond the usual horizon. Since 2009, his career in the financial industry propelled.

Awarded the title of Premier Leader in 2018, Leonard is an avid believer in pursuing knowledge and growing his interpersonal skills. Coupled with a strong passion for training and coaching aspiring individuals, he received the Club Zenith award where one recruits at least four agents in a year and of which the newly recruited meet a certain milestone set out by the company. Ultimately, he aims to build a new standard in the financial advising industry where these individuals can thrive and become successful financial advisers.

As a customer-oriented high achiever and a consistent recipient of top performance awards, Joey truly believes in embracing endless possibilities and to constantly push onward. She made a significant switch of career in the year 2014. From being a sales executive in the telecommunication sector, Joey joined the financial services industry and began soaring to greater heights. With a relentless passion to achieve, she strives to only provide her clients with the highest quality of services.

Her career in the financial services industry is nothing short of spectacular. Joey attained the Rising Star Award in 2014 and became a Million Dollar Club (Silver) recipient in the following year. And every year after that, she was an MDRT qualifier who went on to multiple overseas convention trips and recently clinched the distinguished Save a Live Diamond Award.